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What is Squid Proxy?

Talking about server, we will find so many terms such as proxy, squid, and many more. Have you known about squid proxy? Actually, squid and proxy has different meaning. Read the information below to know more about it.

What is Proxy?

Before knowing about squid, we are better to know about proxy. What is proxy? Proxy is a function which has task to run a network device. It is a media between client and server. There are some kinds of proxy, such as web proxy, irc proxy, and many more.

After knowing about what proxy is, then let’s we talk about what the proxy server is. Proxy server is computer server that can act as other computer, has function to request content/page/object from internet and intranet. Proxy server can also secure personal network which is connected to public network (internet).

What is Squid?

After knowing about proxy, lets we talk about squid. Squid is software that can run squid function in Linux machine. In windows system, the software that are able to run proxy function are winroute, winproxy, freeproxy, wingate, and many more. Squid is a server application which is stabile and has high performance. Not only that, it is also free because included into open source software.

There are some purposes of Squid, for example is page request from client and take page (object) web to be given to client. So, Squid can act as Proxy. We can conclude that proxy is a function or formula whereas squid is software which runs proxy function.

Well, those are some information for you about squid and proxy. Squid and proxy has differences and has difference function too. You can use the information above to explore your knowledge about proxy server and squid. Finally, hopefully the information above will be useful for you.

No Host / IP Proxy Port Type Location Server
1 8080 HTTP Singapore Server Singapore 1
2 8080 HTTP Ah Soo Garden Server Singapore 2
3 8080 HTTP Alexandra Server Singapore 3
4 8080 HTTP Ama Keng Server Singapore 4
5 8080 HTTP Bukit Timah Server Singapore 5
6 8080 HTTP Council Server Singapore 6
7 8080 HTTP London Server United Kingdom 1
8 8080 HTTP Manchester Server United Kingdom 2
9 8080 HTTP New York Server United States
10 8080 HTTP California Server United States
11 8080 HTTP Dallas Server United States
12 8080 HTTP Toronto Server Canada