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What is My IP Address? - INTERSSH.COM

What is IP Address Internet?

There are so many things we have to know when we want to master about network and computer. One of term that we have to know is IP Address Internet. Have you known about it? You can read the information below to know about it.

Understanding IP Address

IP Address is an address which is on the computer. This condition makes a computer can be connected to other computer. Actually, there are 4 blocks on IP address, every block consists of 0 - 255. For example is Ipv4. Ipv4 has this IP Address:,

There are two parts of IP address, which are Network ID and Host ID. By using Network ID and Host ID, the computer will be connected. Net ID that is used on IP Address will be the same, but host ID on IP address will be different.

To make you easy when understanding it, you can imagine the Network ID as the street name and Host ID as the house number. So if people has same street name, then they will not have same house number.

What are Purposes of IP Address?

IP Address has various purposes, such as below:

· IP Address is used for Identifying host

In this purposes, IP Address is illustrated as name of person or a method to know where the person is. In the computer network, it occurs too. Unique IP address will be used for recognizing a computer or device on the network.

· IP Address is used as address of network

This purpose is illustrated as our house address to show where our home is. To launch sending data package, IP address know the information of its existences. There is route to be able arrive to target computer.

Well, those are some information for you about IP address internet. Hopefully the information above will be useful for you, especially for you who want to know more about computer and network field.


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