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What is PPTP VPN?

Understanding PPTP VPN

PPTP is Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol, which is a network protocol which makes us possible to send data safely from remote client to private enterprise server by making VPN (Virtual Private Network) through network date based on TCP/IP. While VPN is a private connection through public network (internet). Here are some descriptions about VPN:

· In VPN, all the things happen is virtual. There is no real network connection between 2 points which is connected.

· Private. VPN is private network where not every person can access it. Data will be sent in encryption mode although through public network.

We can imagine that we are making a network in a network (tunnel). Tunneling is a way to create private channel by using infrastructure of tunneling technology. VPN use one of three tunneling technologies. VPN is a combination of tunneling technology and encryption. VPN can be the connector between PC. Server VPN can be a computer with VPN application or a router. VPN is also used to access various resources (LAN or computer) which is behind on VPN server for transferring data, printing document, browsing by using gateway of VPN server, doing remote desktop and many more.

The Benefits of VPN

Some of the advantages of VPN technology are:

· Remote Access

By using VPN, we can access a computer or office network, from anywhere while connected to the internet.

· Security

By using VPN connections, we can browse safely when using public Internet access as a hotspot or internet cafe.

· Save the cost of network setup

VPN can be used as an alternative technology to connect local network area with a relatively small cost, because data transmission using VPN technology media existing public network without the need to build a personal network.

Well, those are the information for you. Hopefully the information above will be useful for you.