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Understanding SSH

I will share a little knowledge about the world of the internet. the topic this time I discussed is about understanding SSH (Secure Shell). It is possible for people who do not yet know what do not know that SSH and its use. But calm this time I will tell what is SSH, and its benefits.   The Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol for cryptographic data communications network to a secure command line interface, login, remote execution commands, and other network services between two computer networks. Is connected, via a secure channel or through the network is not secure, server and client run a SSH server and SSH client programs in each.

Why SSH can be said as a pathway to a secure service (secure)? Because in running services, SSH uses encryption to transmit data or command that is passed from the client to the server or vice versa. For that reason in the early times made the connection between the client with the server, then the client will be prompted to save the encryption key is received from the server, so that between the client and the server have the same 'key' in the receive and send data. If there are other people who would like to see or access the data that is being transferred, then it should be able to indicate or provide a 'key' or such person may also not be able to access it.

And normally used in text based operating systems such as Linux and Unix. SSH is designed to substitute for the telnet Protocol and shell that is not safe, especially in clear text passwords that are easily intercepted. Encryption used SSH was intended to provide confidentiality and integrity of data over an insecure network.

Using SSH you can move freely through the file structure of the hosting account. You can also perform tasks such as monitoring log files and start or stop the service (applicable in the service VPS/Dedicated). In fact you can also use it to install the software to your hosting mu or manage MySQL database. SSH allows you to do a lot more than standard web.

The Use Of SSH

SSH is a protocol that can be used for a variety of applications. Some of the applications below may require features that are only available or compatible with SSH clients or servers that are specific. For example, using the SSH protocol to implement a VPN is possible, but now can only be with the OpenSSH server and client implementations.

Whether SSH is still in use at the moment? Of course Yes, the majority of people – people still use this service to configure a server (linux based) remotely. Suppose just for vps configuration as a place hosting a web site, then SSH can be used to simplify the setting of the vps. Starting from the setting based web (apache2, nginx, lightspeed, etc), mail or smtp, etc.