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Understanding VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Network or VPN, usually called, is a safe way to access the local area network that resides in a particular range, using the internet or other public network data transmission packet to do personally. one of the functions of the existence of a vpn is security to communicate or Exchange data, nor does it allow other parties to infiltrate the traffic (network traffic) undue hardship.

According to IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force, a VPN is an emulation of [a] private Wide Area Network (WAN) using shared or public IP facilities, such as the Internet or private IP backbones. VPN is a form of private internet via public network (internet), with emphasis on data security and global access over the internet. This relationship is built through a tunnel (the tunnel) between 2 virtual nodes.

VPN Connecting PC with a public network or the internet but private nature, because the private nature so not everyone can connect to this network and to access it. This is done to keep security in the exchange of data or information. The concept of a VPN a VPN essentially work Requires a server that acts as a liaison between the PC. If the described this as kirakira internet VPN Server < — > < —-> VPN Client < —-> Client

When used to connect 2 computers in private. with a network of internet then like this: computer with VPN Clinet < — > < — > Internet VPN Server < — > < — > VPN Client Computer < — > B So all connections are governed by the VPN Server so that the VPN Server capabilities required are adequate so that the connection can be smoothly.

Technology VPN or virtual Private Network has three main functions:

VPN technology is a technology that utilizes the public network which is certainly very vulnerable to data theft. To that end, a VPN uses encryption method to randomize the data passes. With the presence of encryption technology that, data security become more assured. Although there are those who can tap the data that passes through the internet even VPN line itself, but not necessarily be able to read the data, because the data had mixed reviews. So, this was intended to confidentially transmitted information can only be accessed by a group of users who are entitled.

When passing through the internet, actual data has been running very far across the different countries. At the time of the trip, a variety of disorders can occur against the contents, whether lost, damaged, or manipulated by people who aren't supposed to be. On a VPN, there is technology that can keep the integrity of the data starting from the data sent to the data reach the destination.

The VPN technology has the ability to perform authentication against the sender's sources of data to be received. The VPN will conduct an examination of all of the incoming data and retrieve information from the source data. Then, the address of that data source will be approved when the authentication process is successful. Thus, VPN ensures all data sent and received is derived from a source that is supposed to be. There is no data that forged or sent by other parties. VPN is often used by companies to maintain the confidentiality of data or important information the company owned in addition to their use because of the ease, the cost was not so great.