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Difference SSH and VPN - INTERSSH.COM

Which is better a VPN or SSH Tunneling?

The Workings Of A VPN (Virtual Private Network): VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that is used to connect the user to the 'Private Network' or a 'private network' through a public path or commonly called the Internet. Perhaps you are still confused by the above explanation, for it I will explain it with examples of its application by directly in the field. Suppose there is a certain company that owns the data and files on a server within the company. When the stolen files and data, then it can endanger the existence of the company in the future. To further secure the company will only allow data access from within the (Local Area Network), because when such public via the internet then it can potentially important files and data that can be taken by people who are not interested parties (such as the internet Highway, everyone could see that the Highway passes).

The difference of VPN with SSH Tunneling:

Broadly speaking, the difference between a VPN with SSH Tunneling is as follows:

  • In terms of ease of convenience, it will be easier for setting up the server to be SSH Tunneling, but will be harder to client Setup on his computer. So instead, it would be more complicated to setup the server be the VPN server, but it will make it easier to work with in client on their computer.
  • The configuration on the client, SSH Tunneling does not offer all of the benefits of VPN. In contrast to the VPN, you must configure each application to use SSH Tunneling proxy. With a VPN, all traffic on the computer clien will automatically enter into a 'Private Network', which you do not have this guarantee with an SSH Tunnerling. With a VPN, your operating system will behave as if you are in the remote network. This is much more difficult with an SSH tunnel.

Which is better a VPN or SSH Tunneling?

If you are worried about a more secure for business use, the answer is obvious – VPN you can force all network traffic on the system to the network through VPN. However, if you just want the encrypted connection to browse the web from public network seeperti internet, wifi available in the public services, etc., then the VPN and SSH server both have strong encryption that will serve you well. There are other considerations, too. Novice users can easily connect to a VPN, but setting up a VPN server is a more complex process. SSH tunnel is more daunting for the novice user, but setting up a SSH server is simpler than setting up a server for VPN.